Portrait of Enya Bours

Based in the SF Bay Area. Studying human connection at UC Santa Barbara and passionate about crafting inclusive, meaningful, and intuitive user experiences. Always up for a challenge and a huge coffee lover (grab a cup with me here)!

Fluent in English, Figma, and Adobe Creative Suite. Limited working proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, German, and HTML/CSS. INFJ and she/her pronouns.

Currently working with Adobe at Gaucho Creative and refining my web development skills at SB Creative Lab. In my free time, you can find me watching sci-fi movies, playing co-op games, or learning new recipes.

Get to know me better:


UX Design Projects

Mobile apps and websites created via Figma.

Mockups of SecondHand's primary screens (Home, Favorites, Promotions)

♻️SecondHand: Shop Sustainably

October - December 2021

Mockup of Lotte Lemon's landing page

πŸ‹Lotte Lemon Band Website

June - August 2021

Mockups of Star's Welcome, Home, and Profile screens

⭐️Star: Sleeping on time made easy

SB Creative Lab Designathon, April 2021

Mockups of Raincheck's primary screens

πŸ—“Raincheck: Find a time that works for everyone

Product Classroom, December 2020 (Revised April 2021)


Digital art created with p5.js, Vectorworks, Illustrator, and Figma.

Cover page of Enya Bours' Personal Brand Style Guide

Personal Brand Style Guide

March 2022

A digital illustration of a mug with espresso, Red Bull, Yerba Mate, and Dalgona whipped coffee

"Midterm Mocktail"

The Bottom Ladle, May 2021

Graphic in neon retro arcade style

TASA TFTI Invitational

Event Facebook Cover Photo, April 2021

Abstract 3D World

Vectorworks, March 2021

Creative Coding with p5.js

Figure looking through telescope at the moon

"Man on the Moon"

p5.js, December 2020

✨ Interactive Piece ✨

πŸ–± Click on telescope to begin
🎧 Headphones recommended


Short films and videos edited using DaVinci Resolve.

'Zio and Sweet' sign

"Zio & Sweet Italian Desserts"

Video Story

Poke bowl with text overlay

"Food in the South Bay"

Educational Vlog

Abstract illustration of a stack of beauty magazines

"Honest Beauty"

Finalist for "Most Innovative" Short Film (Girls Impact the World Film Festival, 2017)


Feel free to reach out below! I'd love to chat.